Department of Computer Science And Engineering

The Department of Computer Science And Engineering is one of the prestigious department of the Apex Group Of Institutions . The department is having well equipped air-conditioned laboratories with well established Wi-Fi network under the control of high potential servers with server side software like windows 2003 server, Oracle Server and Linux Server.The Computer labs have the state-of-art application software environment like Oracle, RDBMS, Java, Multimedia modules and system software environment encompassing Windows and Linux operating systems and compliers like C, C++, and Visual Studio. Laboratory activities are focused to enable the students to gain knowledge as well as hands on experience in different software and hardware aspects.

The department has a separate Internet laboratory with 24 hour available dedicated 2 MBPS broadband connection, which provides a vast pool of knowledge and facilitates to both the students and the staff to have access to the latest literature.

Labs :

  • Computer Programming Lab.
  • Software Engineering Lab.
  • Computer Hardware Lab.
  • Visual Basic Lab.
  • Data Structure Lab.
  • Web Development Lab.
  • Computer Graphics Lab.
  • Unix and Linux Lab.