Director's Message

In the morden world,the effect of innovation & technological process means that economy will increasingly demand competences that require high level studies.I am delighted that courses at Apex would be the next crucial step in technical education.I am sure that as you find out more about the institution you will appreciate just how much we have to offer you.

Leveraging the commercial & industrial activities in the surrounding region,the institute will seek to build an innovative and productive platform between its academic programmes and industry from the area in order to harness the synergies there in most efficiently.

The Professionals of tomorrow are required to process an optimal mix of knowledge and professional skills.We strive to help and motivate the young budding professionals to redefine their horizon and benchmark targets to the best.Idea is to provide them a head start in their life.

I believe you will like the atmosphere and wish to come to us for an excellent education and this time will hopefully be the most memorable years of your life so far.

Dr. Ramesh Nain
PHD (Mechanical Engg.)