Library Facilities

The institute has an advanced and spacious library housing all necessary tools of scholarship like-books, technology and academic resources, to support our academic mission.

It features a comprehensive offering of books, journals, video learning resources, electronic database to support information needs of the students and staff. Addition of new books and other learning resources to the library, to keep pace with the ever changing technology, is a regular feature.

Fully Equipped With Large Book Bank & Online Journals

Library is the most important section of every educational institute. Our Institutional Library is fully Computerized and equipped with the large and good collection of books and also gives the facility of the book bank. Institutional Library is having books related to all the courses offered by our institute. Apart from the books our library has magazine, journals and other current study materials like Video Cassettes ,CD-ROMs are also available for the readers or users.

The Library Information Services play a crucial role in teaching and learning activities and will provide the main source in individual reading and study. Another feature of a library is a Book Bank facility. Students need not buy text books from the market. In turn, the Institute provides 15 – 20 text books to very students right in the beginning of the semester. The students can keep these books for the whole semester. In addition to these books from the book bank, the students are also entitled to get other books from the library. Even after passing out from the Institute, a student can avail himself the library facility at Apex Group of Institutions, alumni at the nominal charges to be fixed by an Alumni Society. Relationship with the library and the Institution is an continuing affair of the students.

The Library has abundant resources in the form of books, journals, magazines and other periodicals. It also has a rich pool of audio-visual aids. It is spacious and peaceful, facilitating the right atmosphere for knowledge along with improving communication skills.

Circulation Section:Circulation Desk/Counter provides lending service. Circulation Section especially the circulation desk is the center of activities in the library. Mostly readers have to deal with this section. Many functions such as registration of members, renewal, and withdraw of membership/ clearances, issue/receive of books, charging of overdue books, reservation of books, book loss / damage cases, maintenance of records and statistics, etc. are performed here.

Other Sections:Circulation Section is works in front of the screen whereas all other library sections such as acquisition, technical section (classification& cataloguing) and library automation/ computer section are basically works behind screen. Result of all work done behind the scene is reflected at circulation section and management/organization of library.

Open Access :Books, journals and other reading material are kept open on shelves so the readers have thus direct access to our academic sources.

Assistance in the Use of Library:The library staff helps students/faculty in locating / searching of library material. Users are also guided for searching through library catalogue or "OPAC".

Newspapers :Library is subscribing 3 daily national newspapers The News, The Dawn, and Jang (Urdu).

IRC :Information Resource Centre (IRC) provides users facility to access internet and access to HEC National Digital Library. Thousands of journals are available online and many soft books can be downloaded. Six computer systems are placed for such purpose, in future more systems will be added for convenience.

Soft Books :Soft books are also available for students/faculty on relevant subjects. These are available on computer systems in IRC and also can be downloaded from this website.