Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the established department of the Apex Group Of Institutions aimed at providing first rate professionals to work in various functional areas like: design, development, planning, shop-floor management, marketing and sales etc. with inbuilt aspects of quality and CAM-CAD operations.

The department has created the state-of-art infrastructure for this purpose.

The department has well equipped workshop and possess high quality machines, apparatus and instruments like: Precision centre lathe machine tools, universal milling machine with DRO system, CNC trainer, vertical milling machine, surface grinder, shaper machine, welding transformer and advanced TIG welding and MIG welding machines, Universal wood working planner, wood chain mortise, wood band saw etc.

Labs :

  • Strength of Material Lab.
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab.
  • Kinematics of Machine Lab.
  • Thermal Engineering Lab.
  • Heat &Mass Transfer Lab.
  • RAC Lab.
  • Entrepreneurship Lab.
  • Production Technology Lab & Workshop.
  • Research Lab.