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Title: NATIONAL CONFERENCE on MAKE IN INDIA PM’s Vision: Role of Engineering & Management Innovations to Achieve This Vision.
Date: 12 April 201

Considering a parallel growth in technical and economical growth of India.Prime Minister SH. Narendra Modi recently launched MAKE IN INDIA program, supporting the same a 2 days 6th National Conference on MAKE IN INDIA PM’s Vision: Role Of Engineering & Management Innovations To Achieve This Vision,  is organized by APEX GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, Gorgarh, INDRI, Eminent  personalities from reputed institutions/industries share their knowledge and experience with the participants.  The event is started by enlightening the lamp by Mr. Rajnish Bansal (CHAIRMAN APEX GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS),  The conference will explore the innovative thought process of engineering aspirants and would lead to a stronger...
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