Seminar Hall

Apex Group Of Institution seminar hall, the main auditorium, in a theater-style setting, spead over an area of 3000sq.feet can comfortably accommodate 200 persons. It is fully air-conditioned and is suitable for international conferences, symposium, meetings, seminars, concerts, presentations and performances. The hall is fully equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual devices providing services such as video conferencing, a sound system and audio-visual material.

As Apex Group Of Institution focuses not only on providing expertise in theoretical aspect but also emphasizes on ensuring the right corporate and technical exposure It Gives me immense pleasure to announce the inauguration of our seminar hall. which is well equipped keeping in mind the latest technologies. The centrally air conditioned hall has Wi-Fi projecting screen, True Cinema with Dolby Digital THX Surround Sound. It is well equipped with Virtual IIT lectures through which the student can get a taste of in depth knowledge of the subject. The hall also has Video Conferencing facilities for the students at the same time can also be used for addressing seminars and conferences.

The Institution having Five seminar hall.All are aesthetically designed Seminar Hall where all the important workshops and seminars are held. The seminar hall is facilitated with the latest technology and is well – equipped with multimedia projectors. It can accommodate upto 300 students and interactive sessions are taken up by the teachers.